Industrial Sectors

European industry is going through its worst economic crisis in decades. The crisis has affected all sectors, but not evenly. Motor vehicles, textiles, metal machinery and electrical equipment have experienced the biggest falls in output, but other sectors, such as pharmaceuticals and food, have remained relatively stable. Additionally, exports to countries outside of the EU from several industrial sectors have contracted sharply. In Greece, the Industrial Production Index of July 2009 declined by 9.2% compared with July 2008. Greek companies are restructuring and streamlining manufacturing operations. Additionally, intense competition from emerging low-cost and high-capacity countries is pushing companies to find ways of managing costs all along the value chain and to provide higher value through innovation. Kantor has an excellent track record in the following fields:
  • Metal processing
  • Metallurgy
  • Mining/non-minerals
  • Plastics
  • Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & detergents
  • Food & drink.

Key Contact Points

  • Dimitris K. Vogiatzis, Senior Manager, Management Consulting Services Business Unit

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