Market Design, Reform & Regulation

Liberalisation of markets in which the public sector has been the traditional operator and supplier requires key actions in the areas of market structuring, competition and regulation. These include (re)design of markets, restructuring, unbundling of business activities, setting up and development of competition authorities and regulatory institutions, as well as development of rules and tools for market operation and regulation. Successful transformation requires formulation of effective policies to achieve economic and sectoral goals, as well as comprehensive implementation plans. We have experience in supporting governments, policy makers, regulatory authorities and market actors in formulation and implementation of market design, restructuring and regulatory policies.

  • We carry out market analyses and appraisals.

  • We assess and formulate integrated market restructuring policies, and outline the institutional changes required for their effective implementation.

  • We support implementation and monitoring of market restructuring and regulatory policies, as well as development and strengthening of market institutions.

  • We assist with regulatory management, including development of rules and regulatory frameworks for electricity, utilities and other sectors, including price and quality regulation, and market monitoring.

  • We help companies comply with regulatory requirements and assist them in their dealings with regulatory authorities.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Cost modelling/wholesale pricing
  • Regulatory consultation review
  • Elaboration of market structuring and reform policy options, including for commercialisation and privatisation
  • Development of regulatory policies, rules and regulations
  • Development and capacity building of regulatory institutions
  • Development of price and quality regulation
  • Supporting market monitoring and regulatory compliance

Indicative engagements

Restructuring of the gas market in Greece

Setting regulatory electricity tariffs

Support to the gas regulatory authority in Romania

Capacity building support

Development of electricity tariffs methodologies

Long-run marginal cost pricing of generation, transmission and distribution in the Greek electricity sector