Energy (oil, electricity, gas, renewables)

Energy is fundamental to all economic activity and quality of life and so has always occupied a significant place in economic, business and political discourse and planning. In recent years, the challenge of satisfying the world’s increasing demand for energy to support economic growth, while minimising the sector’s environmental impact in the face of the threat of irreversible climate change, has arguably put the sector at the top of government officials’ and business leaders’ agendas. To meet this challenge, formulation and adoption of policies which will ensure an efficient, reliable and environmentally sustainable energy supply is imperative. Concerted and comprehensive effort from governments, energy suppliers and users and other market participants is thus necessary in order to:
  • Develop and implement far-sighted, flexible and effective policies and strategies which support energy diversity and security;
  • Establish stable, efficient and secure energy markets and regulatory frameworks which promote optimal investment and operating conditions;
  • Improve energy efficiency and develop more environmentally-acceptable energy forms and sources, including renewables;
  • Increase understanding among all stakeholders, and encourage research, development and deployment of new and improved energy technologies.

Water and sewerage

Access to reliable water and sewerage services is critical to building sustainable communities and maximising economic development opportunities. On the other hand, the strong natural monopoly characteristics of the sector and interaction between economic and environmental regulations pose particular challenges, compared with other utility and infrastructure sectors. These challenges include development of clear, effective and innovative institutional and market arrangements that promote the twin goals of efficiency and sustainability, including appropriate pricing of water and sewerage services, more efficient services, and clarification of water management responsibilities and goals.

Kantor has an excellent track record in the following fields:

  • Oil
  • Electricity & gas
  • Renewables
  • Water & sewage

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