High quality studies to support activities under the Eastern Partnership

Kantor is successfully completing a five year (13/1/2014 – 12/1/2019) project funded by the European Commission (DG NEAR) titled: “High quality studies to support activities under the Eastern Partnership” with an overall budget of almost 5 mil EUR. The overall objective of this contract is to advance the development and the objectives of the Eastern Partner countries in 4 specific areas defined by the Eastern Partnership Platforms and Panels in view of a closer cooperation of these countries with the EU and among the countries themselves [i.e. 1. Democracy, good governance and stability (e.g. human rights, public administration reform, fight against corruption, border management, migration and asylum, functioning of the judiciary, etc.); 2. Economic integration and convergence with EU policies (e.g. macroeconomic and financial policy, fiscal policy, trade, employment and social affairs, transport, agriculture and rural development, environmental and climate change, SMEs, etc.); 3. Environment, climate change and energy (e.g. promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources, regulatory frameworks and energy policies, supporting infrastructure development, implementation of mutual energy support and security mechanisms, ascertain the extent and effectiveness of environmental integration in the Eastern Neighborhood countries' policies, strategies, legislation, practice etc.); 4. Contacts between people (e.g. education, youth, culture, research, information society, etc.)]. The specific objective of the project is to increase the policy coherence, raise the awareness on the EU Acquis and EU Standards and generally, pave the way for a gradual harmonization of legislation and convergence of practice in partner countries to those of the EU. Under the project, short-term expertise is provided and can be mobilized at short notice in order to carry out different types of studies (mapping studies, pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, evaluations, needs assessments, policy recommendation reports, etc.) within the framework of the Platforms, Panels and work areas of the Eastern Partnership.