Athens – 10/11/2011: Road Tariff Equivalent Study for Ferry Services on Greek Remote Islands

KANTOR has been awarded the contract of a study for the implementation of the “Road Equivalent Tariff” methodology on ferry routes that connect remote islands to mainland Greece. The idea stems for the principle that transportation routes on those islands should provide a level of service similar to what inland populations enjoy on the highways. Road Equivalent Tariff (RET) is a system where the fares of a ferry crossing are more or less equivalent to travelling the same distance over land, which means on average 40 to 70% lower fares for lorries, passengers and cars. This methodology is compatible with EU competition Law and is already implemented on various ferry routes by many EU countries.

This is a very challenging project that has the potential to impact the lives of island residents in multiple ways, from better & faster accessing to the mainland and its major urban centers to increase in tourism and investment activity.