Athens – 05/10/2011: A 12 month extension on the EU-funded Budget Support to Ukraine's energy strategy implementation

Kantor as leader of an international consortium has successfully been granted a 12 month extension to our project, EuropeAid/128260/C/SER/UA Project: “Complementary technical assistance to the EU-funded Budget Support to Ukraine's energy strategy implementation” (ESBS Project) with additional budget resources of €1 mil. The new project end date is now 29th September 2012.

This extension is the result of intensive efforts on the part of the management team to turn-around what has been a rather difficult start, into a successful cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and the recognition on their part concerning the support and value added of our project.

The extended engagement now includes 5 new project components with activities related to support for complying with Energy Community Treaty obligations, Entso-E obligations, capacity building tasks, support for developing a National Energy Efficiency Action Plan, and other requests by the beneficiary and the EU Kiev Delegation. More information can be found in the Project’s web site (