Athens - 20/12/2010: Business model for a gas trading commercial joint venture in South-Eastern Europe

Following the successful completion of the market assessment study of South-eastern European gas markets, Kantor was appointed as part of a second phase to define appropriate guidelines or a ‘Business Model’ for the development and eventual establishment of a ‘Commercial Co.’ that would trade or supply gas in relevant markets of the region. The main output of the work will be a clear formulation of the purpose, scope and organisational model for the establishment of the new Commercial Co., together with an assessment of the overall economics of the venture. In this context, we are defining the commercial strategy that should apply for each of the target markets; designing the high-level organizational model that must align with the commercial, regulatory and market context of the target areas; examining the financials of the venture, including the specification of an initial cost structure for the Commercial Co. and the analysis of associated revenues and costs (including their evolution over time); and developing a plan for immediate actions and next steps to progress the establishment of the joint venture company.