Athens - 16/07/2010 : Complementary TA to the EU funded Budget Support to Ukraine’s Energy Strategy Implementation

Kantor Athens, in cooperation with other five companies constituted a consortium undertook a 3,5m euro project, which provides project management support and ad hoc technical assistance for the EC financed 80m euro Energy Sector Budget Support (SBS) provided to Ukraine. The project includes the set-up of monitoring systems for the supervision of the SBS implementation and for the monitoring of the implementation of Ukraine’s Energy Strategy, capacity building to the Ministry of Energy and Fuel and other stakeholders, support with drafting energy legislation, assistance with the fulfilment of energy sector budget support performance indicators, development of subsectoral energy programmes, development of bankable energy projects especially in gas transit, communications and visibility actions, etc.

The Kantor led consortium has successfully completed and submitted the Inception Report and is quickly moving into the next 12 month implementation phase.

For more information, you can visit the relevant website:, or read the press release here