News 2010

  Athens- 20/12/2010: Business model for a gas trading commercial joint venture in South-Eastern Europe
  Athens- 20/12/2010: Market advisory services for assessing the market potential of the natural gas distribution network of the Attiki Gas Supply Company S.A.
  Warsaw- 17/12/2010: Benchmarking of technology parks in the Southern Baltic Area
  Warsaw- 17/12/2010: Drivers of Attractiveness - Cities of the Baltic Region
  Brussels- 14/12/2010: The Ex-Post Evaluation of Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) 2000-2006
  Warsaw- 10/12/2010: Drivers of Attractiveness - Cities of the Baltic Region
  Warsaw- 08/12/2010: Social and economic analysis for the city of Elblag - Suwalki Region
  Athens- 06/12/2010: IPP Tolling Agreement
  Warsaw- 03/12/2010: Value chain analysis for leading player in beverages sector
  Athens- 16/11/2010: Support to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to meet the requirements of the Energy Community Treaty with specific reference to Energy Efficiency and Renewables
  Athens- 15/09/2010 : Market assessment study of the gas markets of selected South-eastern European countries
  Athens- 02/09/2010 : Development of a business strategy for the provision of energy services
  Brussels  - 27/07/2010 : Third year of the Contact Point project
  Athens- 16/07/2010 : Complementary TA to the EU funded Budget Support to Ukraine’s Energy Strategy Implementation
  Athens- 16/07/2010 : Technical assistance for implementation of the Energy Community Treaty in Montenegro
  Warsaw- 06/07/2010 : Technology Park in Dabrowa Gornicza – feasibility study
  Athens- 19/05/2010 : Sales Activation Programme
  Warsaw- 15/04/2010 : European Tender Opportunity support
  Athens- 07/04/2010 : Polish Market Investment Opportunity
  Athens- 24/02/2010 : Environmental Licensing update
  Brussels - 19/02/2010 : Circus leaflet and postcards
  Brussels - 18/02/2010 : Health inequalities in European Union
  Athens- 18/02/2010 : Interconnector Greece Italy (IGI) – Poseidon Gas Pipeline Project
  Athens- 17/02/2010 : Commercial Policy Workshop & Implementation
  Warsaw- 17/02/2010 : Privatization of 5 public bus companies for Ministry of Treasury
  Warsaw- 12/02/2010 : 3FS verification for road
  Warsaw- 12/02/2010 : Verification of road feasibility studies
  Warsaw- 12/02/2010 : Privatisation of the Bialystok Social Services Company