Kantor plants and waters 400 trees !

On 7 December 2008, staff of our Athens office launched a reforestation initiative on Mount Ymittos, in Attica, Greece

The origin of this initiative came from the thought of using funds initially earmarked for Christmas presents for an act of social responsibility. An area on Mount Ymittos had been hit by forest fires during the summer of 2007, and we saw it as a good opportunity to plant new trees, especially at a time of year when conditions for tree growth were optimal.

More than 400 trees were planted with the support of more than 50 past and present Kantorians along with their families and friends. After the planting, we visited a small park close to the planting area to have a picnic.

But our action did not stop there. In July 2009, we donated a water tank to the “Association for the Protection and Development of Mount Ymittos”, in order to ensure regular watering of the trees for the years to come. Now, our trees have grown and although it will take about two decades to get back to the way the area was before the fire, seeing them when passing by gives us a feeling of satisfaction from having been able to give something back to the community in which we live.

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