Greece: Reforms, Ruptures, Incisions

The financial crisis which we experience the recent years reveals weaknesses, shortfalls and malfunctions in institutions and politics on the side which undermine the competitiveness factor of the(Greek) Economy, undercut the social net and bring Greece at the edge of an ungovernable state. If we don’t change things fast and radically, the country is doomed to go backwards many years.

This crisis demands reforms, ruptures and incisions. Above all it demands for consent and collaboration amongst the political and social forces who aspire to see a different Greece.

In December 2011, in an effort to contribute to this aim, ELIAMEP, IOBE, KANTOR, the Citizens Movement and Transparency International-Greece organized a series of Public Discussions(Debates) in contemporary issues, of vital importance for the country. The aim is to express concrete proposals, as a result of public debate, as well as the effusion of the conclusions through print as well as electronic media. The schedule for this first cycle of public debates can be found by clicking here.

In 2012-2013, ELIAMEP, IOBE, KANTOR, the Citizens Movement and Transparency International-Greece joined forces with the Megaron Plus and the Athens Concert Hall continue with a second cycle of public debates featuring important subjects, striving once again for specific propositions in specific areas, under a common concern of how Greece can exit the crisis. These public discussions (debates) realized every month at the Megaron. The schedule for the year 2012-2013 can be found here.

For the third cycle of public debates, ELIAMEP, IOBE, KANTOR, the Citizens Movement and Transparency International-Greece together with the Megaron Plus and the Athens Concert Hall, continue their efforts for fruitful public debates with the following events:

3rd cycle of Public Debates

20th March 2014 "Reforms and Economic Development” tbc
30th January 2014 "Greece’s Energy Dilemma - Development and Geopolitical" Miltos Aslanoglou, Vice President of Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE)
Rafael Moisis, Vice President of IOBE
Dimitris Papakanellou, Director of Kantor
Alex Papalexopoulos, President & CEO of ECCO International, USA
Sofia Stamataki, Professor of NTUA and President of Greek Management Company of Hydrocarbon
12th December 2013 "Dilemmas, challenges and opportunities for Greek foreign policy Pavlos Apostolidis, Honoured Ambassador
Thanos Dokos, General Director of Eliamep
Giorgios Pagoulatos, Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business
Loukas Tsoukalis, Professor, University of Athens and President of Eliamep
21th November 2013 "Political System and Constitutional Revision" Giorgios Dellis, Professor, University of Athens, “The political parties in the Political System”
Andreas Drimiotis, Civil Engineer and Management Consultant, “Political System & Clientelism State”
Ilias Nikolakopoulos, Professor, University of Athens, “The Electoral System - Members of the Parliament & Ministers”
Filippos Spyropoulos, Professor, University of Athens, “The State’s Institutions & the Control of the Political System’s Operation”