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The leisure industry is defined by two major areas, tourism and gambling-related industries. These areas vary widely in terms of crisis resilience, mainly due to the factors driving consumption, with one seen as a luxury, and the other a habitual activity. We are currently witnessing a significant drop in international tourism which has impacted on the domestic market, whereas the impact on gambling has been slight.

In 2007, the entire Balkan gambling market (covering Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, and Montenegro) had an estimated turnover of €25 billion.

Both sectors are important for the Greek economy, with gambling making the highest per capita contribution to the economy for any EU Member State and tourism contributing almost 19% of the GDP and employing around 20% of the total workforce. Both sectors are operating in a rapidly changing context in terms of regulation, technology and consumer trends, and one in which actors who adapt their strategy and operations to the new landscape are much better equipped to survive and grow.

Kantor has an excellent track record in the following fields:

  • Tourism
  • Gambling

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